Soccer Kicks

Soccer Kicks 2.3

Flick your way to soccer glory


  • Three game modes
  • Training mode
  • Simple controls
  • Fun, addictive gameplay


  • No online multiplayer
  • Poor physics and animation

Very good

Soccer Kicks is an intensely fun flick-based soccer game for Android devices.

There are three game modes in Soccer Kicks: Target, Timed and local two-player. All have essentially the same objective: score as many goals as you can! To shoot the ball you simply flick it with your finger and it will respond to the power and direction of your flick. You can apply swerve or lift after you've hit the ball by swiping while it's in flight.

Soccer Kicks is great fun to play, especially in Target mode. Anyone familiar with Flick Soccer, or the free kick mode in Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, will know the format - aim at a static or moving target and get points based on where you hit it. You can level up in Soccer Kicks by continuing to hit the net, though if you miss more than a few times the game will finish.

The graphics in Soccer Kicks are OK, though the animation and game physics are not a patch on a real mobile soccer sim like PES 2012 or FIFA 12, and sometimes the ball or goalkeeper can behave in a strange way.

Even if you're not a big soccer fan, you'll find Soccer Kicks to be a perfect little game to pick up and play when you have a spare few minutes during your day.

Soccer Kicks


Soccer Kicks 2.3

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